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Did you know that more than 395 universities and colleges offer over 50,000 courses across the UK? Yes, UK houses some of the world’s top-ranking universities and colleges, Yet does not require IELTS. It is renowned for its high-quality academic standards.

For a student planning to study abroad for an undergraduate or postgraduate program, it is initially always perplexed to choose the country to study in due to the choice of quality education offered by different countries. One country that you should take a plunge to know more about is United Kingdom (UK). Taking the service of an education Consultant is a better option. This article is a must-read as it will give you all the essential details that will make your understanding clear while considering the UK as a study destination.

Read and then make a conscious decision.

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Why UK & Benefits

Why should a student study in UK?

Ever thought about why you should consider studying in the UK? Is it because it is a progressive country and you fancy living and studying there? Your decision to study in the UK should be based on why it is a valid and viable option to study abroad. Facts worth considering are:

UK universities and colleges are known to offer quality education and high academic standards.

The cost of living and health in the UK for a student is reasonable.

The UK provides a multi-cultural atmosphere making it easy for students to adjust to the new environment in a new country.

UK education offers you a variety of courses to choose from and study.

Above, we have shared with you just the tip of the iceberg to get you to start thinking about the UK as a viable study abroad option for you.

Read on to learn more.

Benefits of Studying in the UK

A significant decision when looking at higher study options abroad is the country choice. It is essential to shape your prospects. For example, suppose you plan to study an undergraduate or postgraduate program in the UK. In that case, you must know about the benefit it would offer to you. It will help you compare with the benefits provided by other countries too.

Here are Fantastic 5 Benefits for studying in the UK

1 – Teaching-Learning-Research

The standard of teaching-learning and research at UK colleges and universities follows a proper and consistent system of assessment which official organizations grade to check adherence to the set quality standards.

Further, there are independent audits that the Quality Assurance Agency conducts for Higher Education (QAA).

2 – Permission to Work

Well, UK permits their international students to gain experience by working while they study. So students to increase their credentials in their resume can work part-time, do an internship, or even just volunteer for some cause.

Some colleges or universities in the UK provide a work placement as a part of the study course and even offer placements.

3 – Medical is free!

Students going to study in UK are eligible to receive medical treatment by the National Health Service (NHS) at a premium of 704 GP per year. It applies to the student if you are enrolled in a full-time course in a UK college or university.

Another crucial point to consider is that you are married in the case of a student and have moved to the UK to study along with your spouse and children. They will also receive free medical treatment just like you, provided NHS premium has to be paid for them.

In addition, some UK colleges or universities also have a particular health policy for their students that you should find more about from them.

4 – Cultural diversity

You will experience a multi-cultural environment, meet new people from across the world while studying in the UK. It supports you in shaping your personality, getting a global perspective, and preparing you to become a part of the global workforce in the future.

5 – Avail Scholarships

UK becomes a good study abroad option, especially for students who wish to do a postgraduate or research program from the UK. UK Universities offer many scholarship opportunities to students.

However, remember for availing of the scholarships offered by UK universities, you will need first to get the acceptance to the course of study to become eligible to apply for the scholarship.

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